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What makes us special?

Highly Experienced

Our staff has trained and worked with the industries best. We have over 45 years of mold building and design and repair experience. Our work speaks for itself.

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Why Choose Us?

We have a small business that is not overrun with a heavy overhead. Our goal is to deliver a high quality tool at a competitive price. Quality is truly our 1st priority.

Our shop is located in north central Indiana. Our management also has in mind the need to maintain a high quality tool and keep cost low. We saw a trend with many area shops closing due to extensive overhead and a large employee load. We feel we can stay competitive with the knowledge and experience we have on board.

Due to the size of our shop we are competitive with foreign pricing. We are proud to employ American workers that support the American economy. You can proudly tell your customers that your mold was “Made in America”.

We see the need to have higher quality tools and prices that are competitive with the foreign markets.

We stand by our molds and its construction that it will be built to print and be able to produce parts in tolerance with no flash or production malfunctions. Our goal is to deliver the tool to you on time and correct the first time.

We only look good when our parts and customers look great!

low Overhead


Our shop size and efficiency keeps costs low and very competitive.



We aren’t happy until you are happy. That’s our guarantee.



You can reach us for any reason 24/7.