Our objective is to provide the best service in either, 3D mold design, 3D product design, new production tooling, repairs, rebuild current tooling (engineering changes), shuttle molds and prototype tooling on plastic injection molds.

We use, TopSolid, for our CAD software, which is a 3D solid modeling and surfacing software, that has a mold design module that helps create complicated parting line splits, 3D electrode creation module and is excellent in showing kinematics in molds as well as mechanical assemblies, by Missler Software. Our employees retrain annually in the latest advances in mold design.

Using the experience we have gained building molds, for over 30 years and designing over 10 years. We can provide you with a designed tool and/or completed mold that has the longevity and repairablitiy in mind, as well as maximum clarification for the mold maker, both in the 3D mold assembly as well as detailed 2D drawings.

Our goal is to provide excellent quality with 100% customer satisfaction, in a timely manor. We feel, since we are a small company, we can react and adapt more quickly to your needs. We will use all of our resources and experience to do just that.


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