Letter 2

To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend Mark Vogt and his company New Crown Creations to anyone considering doing business with either Mark or his company.

I have known Mark for over 20 years beginning at his previous employer and continuing on since his formation of New Crown Creations. Mark’s attention to detail, quality and customer service is exceptional. He has on many occasions willingly worked late nights/weekends to ensure we had what we needed to keep our operation running.

Mark has a great dedication to his customers and stays up with the latest in technology as well. His ability to help engineer, rapid prototype then build the parts/tooling we need in one integrated source is extremely valuable.

Please do not hesitate to do business with Mark/New Crown Creations and I would also be happy to speak with anyone via phone or in person to confirm this recommendation.

Best Regards,
David L. Stackhouse
Bourbon Plastics