Letter 1

Subject:  To Everyone Needing Quality, Precision Injection Plastic Molds

Please allow me to speak on behalf of my best mold designer / builder for the last 8 years;  Mark Vogt.
Mark has built at least 30 molds for me and kept another 60 maintained and repaired when heaven forbid, a technician crashed one.

I was Engineering Manager for Bourbon Plastics, Inc. for 8 years.  Our main product was our proprietary Connector Housings.  For those of you not familiar with this term, this is the plastic that surrounds an electrical terminal on a wiring harness.  We supplied these to the appliance industry: Whirlpool, Electrolux, GE and others.  Everything had to make it through UL testing before we could sell them to any of these companies.  When these companies would contact me to design a specific connector housing for them, Mark would be the man that would take my designs and in turn design and build the mold to produce them.  It even got to the point with Whirlpool, that when they complained about price (imagine that, a customer that wanted something cheaper) the final question was: “Is Mark the one building it?”  I replied “of course” and they accepted my quote and the mold got built.

Mark’s forte is precision molds.  These connector housing molds have SMALL cavities and many times with as many as 5 pieces making up each cavity within the mold.  He understands what the mold needs to be, in order to make them run to dimension and to cycle time.  Mark and I would go over what I needed to make my process work with the mold and he designed it to accommodate my needs.  Unlike some toolmakers that try to tell YOU what you need this mold to be.  What a blessing.

As we are presented with situations placing us ‘under the gun’, Mark has always been there for me.  Many an email came to me in the night telling me that he got the mold done and was ready for pick-up.  I grew to depend on Mark and had a great business relationship with him.  I can recommend him to anyone with absolute confidence that the service and product he provides you will be everything you want, when you want it.  Should you have any questions regarding Mark, his shop, his skills or his integrity, do not hesitate to call me.  I just wish he made molds that are about half the size of a car ! !,   as that is what I am doing now.


Gary Held
Senior Die Design Engineer
Denso Manufacturing, Michigan, Incorporated
One Denso Raod
Battle Creek, Michigan  49037
(269) 565-8744